'Crossroads Content'
A Podcast Series

Interviews with individuals that have experienced a career crossroads in their life.   

We discuss why and how they changed careers and examine how their old careers differ from their new path.


I ask them to share their high/low points, provide advice for any other potential ‘crossroaders’, and discuss their plans for the future.



Penny Callaghan, founder of Colmers Hill Fashion and creator of sustainable fashion brand 'From My Mothers Garden', is the first interviewee on Crossroads Content -


Please click to listen as Penny shares her work ethic and provides us with an insight into where she derived her entrepreneurial spirit.    

Image by Aaron Burden


An interview with the talented writer Clare Flynn, who moved from a high-profile management marketing role into the world of historical fiction.   


She is now a proud award-winning author of 14 historical novels and is busy working on her 15th book.  

During the interview, I enjoyed exploring Clare's creative process and learning how her novels come to life


If you think you have a book in you, which everyone does apparently, have a listen to Clare's advice.   News hot off the press - Clare has been nominated for another award at the Romantic Novelists Association Industry Awards – in the category Indie Champion of the Year for supporting and encouraging self-publishers.  A fantastic achievement to be nominated.  The awards take place on November 11th.

The music in the podcast is from the music licensing company Artlist.  The production company is Contented Brands. 


Further details on Clare can be found on her website and all her novels are available to buy on Amazon.