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'Tails From The Borders'

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Like 'Lock 4 Times' this  film is self-funded and has been made in collaboration with IFAW, UECF, Dogs Trust, Ukrainian Refugees and other Ukrainian filmmakers.

During the early part of 2022 thousands of people with their pets fled their homes in Ukraine.

Many people had to leave larger dogs, horses, and livestock behind to fend for themselves, including one broken-hearted woman who had no choice but to let her horses loose in the local woods, because she felt they had a better chance of survival. Some exotic animals in zoos, breeding centers, and backyards were left behind without food or water.

There are a thousand stories to tell of both hope and loss, - this film looks at what war means for our animal companions and how many of them have been saved by the heroic efforts of their owners and the tireless work of charities.

I write, produce, direct and edit all of my films. Any money raised will go back to the charities involved in the film. The finished film will travel the world via international Film Festivals.   To date this film has already won 3 awards. 

* Best Experimental Documentary - The Bright Film Festival London

*Best Documentary - The Boston, USS Film Festival 

* Best Experimental Film Festival - Luleå, Sweden

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