Below is a selection of work we've created over the last eight years


Dogs Trust briefed us to create content that would both educate and entertain a younger audience. We created 7 different films which formed part of the school curriculum for 7 - 11 year olds.

The puppet characters 'Jimmy n' Chew' were developed by Contented Brands and throughout the series we see them experiencing all kinds of mad cap adventures.


We were asked to create a short film that showed the various stages of growth of a child.   

Using a camera technique called motion control, we created a film which featured the key stages of growth from a baby, right the way through to leaving home for the first time.

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We created a series of idents for Channel 4 featuring Dog Trainer and Behaviourist Carolyn Mentieth.

Our client was amazed by the fast turnaround and quality of our work.

The idents were featured as part of a sponsorship package for Crufts.

The Berkeley Group, is one of the UK's best known developers of new homes.  Contented Brands has been working with them since 2013.    Kidbrooke Village, was created on the formerly notorious Ferrier Estate site.   The focus of the film was the new community that had formed, since the development of the Kidbrooke Village.

We filmed this project, documentary style, in a sensitive and reflective manner, that fully complemented the brief.

The interviewees talked directly to the camera and so straight at the audience - similar to the interview technique, so successfully used in Channel 4's  programme : '24 hours in A&E'.

In advance and well before we started filming. We asked all of our interviewees to take a picture, that they felt captured the essence of Kidbrooke for them. By explaining the rationale behind the taking of the photograph, they talked very naturally about their community.

The end result is an informative and thoroughly engaging film.

We created a film that documented the complex creation of the Kidbrooke Village, which was one of the most ambitious regeneration schemes in Europe.

We filmed in documentary style and featured interviews, with residents, local councillors and other key stakeholders.


Shelter needed a film to help them compete with other charities, when pitching for funding from potential sponsors.  We created 'Emily's story, which was based on a real case history, of a young childs experience of almost losing her home.

The film helped Shelter compete with other charities, who were vying for budgets from commercial sponsors.

Chiswick House is one of the earliest and most beautiful Georgian buildings in the UK.  The kitchen garden is a volunteer led venture, with 40 helpers supporting the gardening team. They manage the seasonal planting and food production in the two-acre site.

 We created a film which documented the hard work being done in the garden and promoted the therapeutic benefits of communing with nature.

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As part of a local / global campaign, HSBC asked us to create a series of films about inspirational business, that would work both locally and internationally.

This film shows how H. Forman and son lovingly and skillfully smoke their fish, which are supplied fresh from Scotland every morning.  

With a reputation built on a century of excellence, the name of H. Forman & Son is recognised across the globe.

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The vision for the regeneration of 250 City Road, a triangular site between Angel and Old Street Stations, is to transform a low density 1980s business park, into a high-density, low energy residential community.

Our brief was to create a film that reflected the cultural and lifestyle elements that surrounds this location.  

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This film was created as a Valentine's Day gift to the loyal supporters of Dogs Trust.

We produced a "vintage" training film, which offered strong themes about improving the relationship with your dog,

The film was a spoof on the original BBC instructional films.

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In Her Shoes

The concept for this on-line series was to feature interviews with accomplished women in the advertising industry.   

Each woman interviewed had to nominate a man capable of literally walking in her shoes

Aimee Luther (at the time she was MD of BMB) was the first one of our fabulous interviewees.

The series was devised and created by Contented Brands and The Drum provided us with a great distribution platform.