Mini-Film Process

The process for you is very simple and takes the form of 3 steps. 


1/  Write yourself a basic script. 


2/  Record yourself on your computer. it is best not to do it on your mobile phone, as the footage will be too large to send, from your phone via email.  


Make sure you pace yourself and take as many breaks as you need. 


If you have to repeat information several times, then do so. Only the best 'takes' will be chosen for the final edit. 


Save the film or films to your desktop. 


3/  Send both the script and the footage to me via a free transfer site called or upload to my Vimeo account (I will send you a link for this)  


I will also require you, to send me your logo and any other information, that you would like to include in the film. 


This could be captions, photographs or additional relevant footage.


I will then send the film back to you, and you can save it to your desktop.


The film can then be uploaded to Facebook, Linkedin, Vimeo, or YouTube, so that it can be sent out to your clients. 


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