Information on Mini-Films

Most business owners would agree, that face to face meetings, are essential to develop and maintain customer relationships.


However, during this unprecedented period of enforced self-isolation and working from home, we all have to be creative and adaptable to keep in contact with our clients.


One cost effective solution is personalised update films, that can keep you connected with your business contacts.


However, it can be very difficult to film yourself. 


If you do not have access to editing software, it can often mean that you have to do everything in one take, which can be troublesome and frustrating.


I have worked in the area of editing and filming for over 15 years, and I realise how hard it is to try and successfully accomplish everything in one complete take.


This is where the beauty of editing comes into its own.


It means that the footage you take, can be cut and pieced together, so that all the best parts of footage are combined into one seamless film, with any mistakes erased.



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