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LOCK 4 TIMES is a 24-minute true-life documentary film that examines the real stories of 4 disparate people behind the headlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was created, directed, filmed, edited, and produced by Alex Gulland.


On 23 March 2020, The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, made a stark television announcement to the entire population.

“From this evening, I must give the British people an elementary instruction - you must stay at home.”

Previous advice on social distancing about containing the COVID -19 virus, now became legally mandatory.

In an unprecedented move -The UK was put into what became known as Lockdown.

The catalyst for LOCK 4 TIMES was the tragic story of a local woman whose ex-partner, a military veteran, went missing during the early stages of Lockdown.

Millions have been affected by Covid-19. 'LOCK 4 TIMES' gives a voice to just 4 people whose lives have changed forever and how they have coped, with arguably one of the most significant social upheavals since World War II.

We are proud to announce that the film has been selected for 8 international film festivals  - 'Cyrus International Festival' Toronto, 'The Phoenix International festival,' Toronto.  It was selected and received an 'Honorable Mention at the 'The Hollywood International Festival,' New York and has made it to the finals of the 'The Beyond The Curve' Festival The film also made it to the semi-finals at the 'Luleå International Festival' in Sweden.  

Towards the end of 2020 the film has been selected as a finalist at 'The Niagara Falls' festival and received another *honorable mention at 'The London Indie Festival of 24 Frames'.

So far during 2021 the film has been selected to be part of the 'Paris International Short Film Festival', was a Nominee the Cannes World Film Festival.  During July 2021 it was selected to be part of the 'Visionary Film Makers Showcase' in LA.

The film can be viewed at the 'Southend Film Festival' on the 18th of September at 11am. 


*The "Honorable Mention" is an extra distinction of the official competition. That is to say; the Jury does not intervene; it is granted exclusively by the Festival directors. Here, the film that has distinguished itself from the others will be awarded, in its general aspect, concept, aesthetics, and/or particularly brilliant performance, in its direction, photography, acting, editing, and/or soundtrack.

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